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Employment Information Resources
Here are some mobile device apps and websites you may find helpful.

Job Openings

  Mobile Apps:
    - Indeed.com
    - Monster.com
    - Indeed.com
    - Monster.com
    - Craigslist.org
    - nod.com   (National Organization on Disability)

Skills Testing
    - Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential
    - CareerKey
    - Myers Briggs
    - Kolbe Corp.

Resume Preparation
    - A Resume Builder
    - How to Write a Resume

  Mobile Apps:
    - PhoenixMobile   (This app is free if taking online classes at the University of Phoenix)
    - literacydirectory.org   (Literacy, Math & GED programs by zip code. Call -- some addresses are out of date)
    - gedforfree.com   (Free online GED practice)
    - testpreppractice.net   (Free online GED practice)
    - technical-vocational-schools.com   (Trade School & Vocational Training Directory)
    - college-compatibility-tool   (Find an appropriate College or University)

Labor Market Information
  Mobile Apps   (Limited assistance)
    - Statistics

Public transportation
  Mobile Apps:
    - smarttransit
    - unibus
    - stopangom
    - intime-pen   (Philadelphia)

Parking Lots
  Mobile Apps:
    - parking-locator

  Mobile Apps:
    - PTSD   (Brainchild of Joan Sanger -- VA app for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder)
    - Stress Relief   (For basic relaxation and anxiety control)

** Please email us if any of the above links become inactive.   Thank you.

Disclaimer: We display the above as an informational courtesy only. This does not constitute an endorsement of any of these apps and websites and we are not responsibile for their content, accuracy and legality, nor for that of any other related or connected links.

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